Methods to Increase Testosterone

Low testosterone may relate to your age because with an increase in the age; you may experience a reduction in the testosterone level. Low testosterone is not good for your health, and it can cause an obvious lack of male characteristics, increase fatigue and reduce sex drive. Testosterone can be transferred through the skin, such as by rubbing on the gel, testosterone injections and skin implants, such as HCG. You can inject into your body because HCG can mimic luteinizing hormone. You can follow natural approach with HCG to improve your testosterone. T-gel therapy is famous because it can add 4.3 pounds of muscle in six months and almost 6.5 pounds in 18 months.


It can improve the composition of the body and help your body to metabolize sugar and reverse insulin resistance.

Use Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

HCG is an essential hormone used to increase testosterone levels in males, proves helpful to undescended testicles in teen males and female ovulation. This diverse hormone is used by individuals following a particular testosterone cycle because it can stimulate the natural production of testosterone. HCG stimulates the pituitary gland to release FSH and LH hormone. These hormones move to the testicles to excite particular cells to initiate testosterone production. Injections can give HCG hormone. There are a few simple steps for your assistance:

  • It is essential to consult your primary care physician about HCG. Your doctor will order a blood test to check the testosterone levels. The doctor will prescribe HCG for testosterone based on the blood levels of the patient.
  • You should follow safe sterilizing techniques for injections, and there are different options, such as sterilized needle and alcohol wipe. HCG can be given via subcutaneous or intramuscular injections.
  • You should inject the proper amount of testosterone in the body of an individual, such as 2,500 to 10,000 IU or international units in one week. Make sure to store unused HCG dose in the refrigerator. If you have 30 days old HCG in your refrigerator, make sure to throw it away.
  • You should follow the directions of your physician to use it because after 20 days; your body may not respond to HCG.

Benefits of HCG for Testosterone Treatment

Treatment of testosterone can increase the mineral density of bone mineral, especially in the spine and hip. Osteoporosis is equally dangerous for men and women, and almost four out of ten fractures are caused due to fragile bones in the men over 50.

Improve Sexual Function

The use of testosterone supplements can boost your libido and increased the frequency of sex. It can trigger the nocturnal impulsive erection. You can use HCG to improve your sexual function.

Cardiovascular System

Studies show that low levels of testosterone in men may be the reason of heart disease; therefore, HCG testosterone therapy may play an important role in cardiovascular function. Testosterone can improve the flexibility of your arteries and compress the modification in blood flow. Make sure to consult your doctor before using HCG injections and drops.

Tips to Increase HCG Level Naturally

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that naturally occurs in the human body and plays an important role. HCG interacts with LHCG receptor of the ovary and promotes the maintenance of the corpus luteum in the start of pregnancy.

HCG is peptides used by athletes to reduce side effects of anabolic steroids and manipulate testosterone level to cover the use of steroid and build muscle. The real purpose of HCG hormone is to develop eggs in the ovary of a woman, but these are equally useful for bodybuilders to develop their bodies. Bodybuilders often use a steroid to build bulky bodies.


Drug tests can easily detect the presence of synthetic testosterone, and athletes use HCG to stimulate testosterone levels to cover the use of steroid and build muscle. It is essential to educate yourself about this hormone to make a wise decision. HCG supplements are commercially available, but it will be better to get the advantage of natural food items.

Fat-loading phase is an important phase, and you have to load up your diet with mono-saturated fats, such as almonds and olive oil to naturally increase the production of leptin related neuropeptide to regulate the feeling of energy balance and satiety. You can load up mono-saturated fats, and leptin can activate genes while turning adipocytes into fat burning cells.

Essential Fats for HCG Protocol

It is essential to consume only mono-saturated fats and avoid polyunsaturated fats because it will cause disorder of your cells and can be harmful to you. Once you have finished the fat- loading phase, you can start the HCG protocol. Strictly hold on the HCG protocol and avoid any deviation from this diet. In the case of hunger pains, you can opt for an HCG amplifier to help you with cravings. It will help you to reduce more weight and build muscle.

HCG Natural Food

HCG injections are expensive and can become a hassle. There are numerous cheap and high-potent drops of HCG, such as Pharmaslim. It will help you to reduce more weight and cover the use of steroids. It will be good to drink plenty of green tea and water, eat natural food and fill your salad plate with colors. Keep it in mind that salad is healthy and without any dressing, the 3 pounds salad only contains 60 calories. HCG diet protocol can reset your hypothalamus gland and help you to get rid of bad habits, such as sugar craving, smoking, and alcohol.

Deal with Stress

It is essential to deal with the stresses of your life instead of letting these distractions run your life. You can listen music to relax your mind, take a walk and enjoy your own company. There is no need to fear because if you are hungry during HCG diet protocol, you can distract your mind to think more clearly on other things. Try to enjoy a better sleep to improve the functions of your senses and avoid a negative influence on HCG diet. Keep your mind always calm to guarantee your success.

Understand the Relation of HCG and Testosterone for Human Body

HCG is good for men to boost a healthy level of testosterone and they are technically required for the biological process of men and women. It is good to guarantee optimal health and sexual development, maintain muscle mass, heart health, bone density and sexual development. Men need higher levels of testosterone to produce muscles, heavy voice and support lots of activities.


Why is healthy testosterone level necessary for men?

With the help of HCG, testosterone level of men can be improved, and they will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase production of red blood cells
  • Improve flow of oxygen and blood
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Increase your energy levels, performance, and endurance
  • Reduce the risk of obesity
  • Increase muscle strength and lean muscle
  • Improve oxidation in your groin area
  • Improve growth of penile due to oxidation
  • Reduce the risk erectile and numerous others sexual performances
  • Improve libido
  • Enhance penile growth due to oxidation
  • Stimulate sexual desire
  • Stimulate sexual performance and improve endurance
  • Improve density of bones
  • Decrease risk of arthritis-related conditions

HCG Injections vs. Drops

HCG is available for its consumers in the form of prescription-grade drops or injections. If you want to determine the best option, it is essential to consider the purpose of its use, such as weight loss, body physique, body sculpting or any other individual goals to find out the best product for you.

HCG Injections

If you want to increase energy, testosterone level, and overall health, you are advised to use HCG injections because these can go directly into the bloodstream for an instant boost of testosterone level. Make sure to buy high-quality HCG injections for pure and legal therapy. Weight loss benefits can be achieved with HCG injections and diet. You should follow the calorie-restricted diet to support the cleansing of your body and fulfill its nutritional needs with healthy food. It will sensitize the hormonal process and help you to shed an extra pound and get lean muscle. HCG injections help you to feel the instant gain, and you will be able to start an intense workout.

These can give an instant boost to your body, and your body will be able to maintain its actual hormone level. You will be able to live a happy and healthy life after a dramatic change in your confidence and energy levels. HCG users can enjoy the benefits of a satisfied and confident life.

HCG Drops

HCG drops are good to take orally, and you can reduce almost 1 to 2 lbs on a regular basis. These diet drops are safe and effective for both men and women. These drops have natural ingredients and increase your energy levels. These drops have the ability to change fat into nutrient without losing your muscle. Bodybuilders can reap numerous benefits with the help of an HCG therapy because this therapy will help them to improve the quality of life and enhance the performance.

Note: You are advised to consult your doctor before starting a new treatment.

Use of HCG after Human Anabolic Steroid Cycle

Use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is useful for bodybuilding after completion of an anabolic steroid cycle. HCG will help you with fastest and complete recovery. PCT (post cycle therapy) is important after finishing steroid cycle. If you want to maintain strength and muscle gain, you have to work hard to get your hormonal level back to normal. HCG has an ability to mimic the action of the luteinizing hormone, and LH stimulates the production of testosterone. There is a primary signal that LH sends to the testes from the pituitary, this stimulates the production of testosterone and improve the Leydig cells in testes.


The Concept of Processing

Administration of steroids can decline the level of LH. In the absence of LH, the pituitary gland stops the production of testosterone. It causes fast inception of testicular degeneration, and it starts with the reduction of the Leydig volume of the cell. It is followed by the rapid cutbacks in intratesticular testosterone (ITT), insulin-like factor 3 (INSL3) and peroxisomes.

This degeneration can be avoided by a small dose of HCG that runs throughout the cycle. Many steroid consumers have been deep-seated to believe that HCG should be used during PCT, after a complete cycle. After reviewing the endocrinology, you can see faster and complete recovery.

Capacity of Testosterone Secretion

It is essential to comprehend the scientific history of HCG for its application and purpose. A dose of HCG should be used once or twice in a week to restore the normal testicular function and size.

It is essential to understand the secretory capacity of testosterone that is identical to testicular sensitivity. This amount of testosterone is produced by a given HCG or LH stimulation. If you have reduced the capacity of testosterone secretion, it will stimulate LH or HCG to produce the similar result.

The normal capacity of testosterone secretion will be reduced than normal testosterone, and this may lead to a permanent reduction of testosterone production.

It will be interesting to know that the testosterone secretion capacity can be reduced from the average steroid cycle, and LH levels decrease by the second day of steroid use. You can shut down the LH single and allow the testes to remain non-functional for almost 12 to 16 weeks.

The volume of Leydig cell decreases to 90 percent, INSL3 decreases to 95 percent and ITT decreases to 94 percent, the capacity of testosterone may decrease to 98 percent.

The decrease in testosterone secretion capacity can be caused due to steroid for almost 16 weeks. Steroid users are almost 20 times less responsive to HCG post cycle. According to the research, a normal man who is using steroids achieves 100 IU on daily basis, it gets him a full testes function with appropriate ITT levels. This doesn’t cause him desensitization which is a result of intensive doses of HCG.

It is essential to reduce HCG before reducing testicular sensitivity. It is important to discontinue the use of HCG before starting PCT so that your Leydig cells can get a chance to re-sensitize LH production and enhance testicular sensitivity. You can use Toco-8 as a dietary supplement.