Use of HCG after Human Anabolic Steroid Cycle

Use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is useful for bodybuilding after completion of an anabolic steroid cycle. HCG will help you with fastest and complete recovery. PCT (post cycle therapy) is important after finishing steroid cycle. If you want to maintain strength and muscle gain, you have to work hard to get your hormonal level back to normal. HCG has an ability to mimic the action of the luteinizing hormone, and LH stimulates the production of testosterone. There is a primary signal that LH sends to the testes from the pituitary, this stimulates the production of testosterone and improve the Leydig cells in testes.


The Concept of Processing

Administration of steroids can decline the level of LH. In the absence of LH, the pituitary gland stops the production of testosterone. It causes fast inception of testicular degeneration, and it starts with the reduction of the Leydig volume of the cell. It is followed by the rapid cutbacks in intratesticular testosterone (ITT), insulin-like factor 3 (INSL3) and peroxisomes.

This degeneration can be avoided by a small dose of HCG that runs throughout the cycle. Many steroid consumers have been deep-seated to believe that HCG should be used during PCT, after a complete cycle. After reviewing the endocrinology, you can see faster and complete recovery.

Capacity of Testosterone Secretion

It is essential to comprehend the scientific history of HCG for its application and purpose. A dose of HCG should be used once or twice in a week to restore the normal testicular function and size.

It is essential to understand the secretory capacity of testosterone that is identical to testicular sensitivity. This amount of testosterone is produced by a given HCG or LH stimulation. If you have reduced the capacity of testosterone secretion, it will stimulate LH or HCG to produce the similar result.

The normal capacity of testosterone secretion will be reduced than normal testosterone, and this may lead to a permanent reduction of testosterone production.

It will be interesting to know that the testosterone secretion capacity can be reduced from the average steroid cycle, and LH levels decrease by the second day of steroid use. You can shut down the LH single and allow the testes to remain non-functional for almost 12 to 16 weeks.

The volume of Leydig cell decreases to 90 percent, INSL3 decreases to 95 percent and ITT decreases to 94 percent, the capacity of testosterone may decrease to 98 percent.

The decrease in testosterone secretion capacity can be caused due to steroid for almost 16 weeks. Steroid users are almost 20 times less responsive to HCG post cycle. According to the research, a normal man who is using steroids achieves 100 IU on daily basis, it gets him a full testes function with appropriate ITT levels. This doesn’t cause him desensitization which is a result of intensive doses of HCG.

It is essential to reduce HCG before reducing testicular sensitivity. It is important to discontinue the use of HCG before starting PCT so that your Leydig cells can get a chance to re-sensitize LH production and enhance testicular sensitivity. You can use Toco-8 as a dietary supplement.