Tips to Increase HCG Level Naturally

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that naturally occurs in the human body and plays an important role. HCG interacts with LHCG receptor of the ovary and promotes the maintenance of the corpus luteum in the start of pregnancy.

HCG is peptides used by athletes to reduce side effects of anabolic steroids and manipulate testosterone level to cover the use of steroid and build muscle. The real purpose of HCG hormone is to develop eggs in the ovary of a woman, but these are equally useful for bodybuilders to develop their bodies. Bodybuilders often use a steroid to build bulky bodies.


Drug tests can easily detect the presence of synthetic testosterone, and athletes use HCG to stimulate testosterone levels to cover the use of steroid and build muscle. It is essential to educate yourself about this hormone to make a wise decision. HCG supplements are commercially available, but it will be better to get the advantage of natural food items.

Fat-loading phase is an important phase, and you have to load up your diet with mono-saturated fats, such as almonds and olive oil to naturally increase the production of leptin related neuropeptide to regulate the feeling of energy balance and satiety. You can load up mono-saturated fats, and leptin can activate genes while turning adipocytes into fat burning cells.

Essential Fats for HCG Protocol

It is essential to consume only mono-saturated fats and avoid polyunsaturated fats because it will cause disorder of your cells and can be harmful to you. Once you have finished the fat- loading phase, you can start the HCG protocol. Strictly hold on the HCG protocol and avoid any deviation from this diet. In the case of hunger pains, you can opt for an HCG amplifier to help you with cravings. It will help you to reduce more weight and build muscle.

HCG Natural Food

HCG injections are expensive and can become a hassle. There are numerous cheap and high-potent drops of HCG, such as Pharmaslim. It will help you to reduce more weight and cover the use of steroids. It will be good to drink plenty of green tea and water, eat natural food and fill your salad plate with colors. Keep it in mind that salad is healthy and without any dressing, the 3 pounds salad only contains 60 calories. HCG diet protocol can reset your hypothalamus gland and help you to get rid of bad habits, such as sugar craving, smoking, and alcohol.

Deal with Stress

It is essential to deal with the stresses of your life instead of letting these distractions run your life. You can listen music to relax your mind, take a walk and enjoy your own company. There is no need to fear because if you are hungry during HCG diet protocol, you can distract your mind to think more clearly on other things. Try to enjoy a better sleep to improve the functions of your senses and avoid a negative influence on HCG diet. Keep your mind always calm to guarantee your success.